Shuttle Craft
"The Perfect Connection"

The BOSS 97 FM is giving away a Shuttle Craft Haul & Trailer from Mid-State Marina and Cycle. Take your friends and family water skiing, fishing, family outings, swimming, snorkeling and more! Enjoy the freedom of doing what you want to do, going where you want to go.




The Shuttle Craft comes with standard features guaranteed to make the most of your time on the water. Running lights, marine stereo, cup holders, storage compartments -- and a premium quality 4-bunk trailer for easy launch and load. Register for your chance to turn your Personal Water Craft into a jet boat!


Shuttle Craft's unique interchangeable rail kit system allows two and three-seater Personal Water Crafts to both power and steer the Shuttle Craft. 

Random drawing will be on Saturday, August 6th, at the Braxton County Fairs and Festival Celebration.

See the BOSS 97 FM Shuttle Craft on display and register for your chance to win at Mid-State Marina and Cycle, Route 4, between Sutton and Flatwoods.